Membership to Wildwood Area Recreation Association requires a member to purchase one share of stock.  This is a one time fee of $300.   As a stockholder, you share in the ownership of the pool and have a vote at the annual stockholders’ meeting every year (held in January or February).

2024 WARA Membership Application

For active members (those that paid their annual dues the previous year), to guarantee your membership at the pool it will be necessary to have your dues paid on or before May 1 of every year.  After that date, membership will be opened to individuals on the waiting list. Dues for 2024 are as follows:

$500 – Family Membership Annual Dues under 60 years of age (minimum of 4 passes)
$400 – Senior Membership Annual Dues (60 years of age and older and have no children living at home – maximum of 4 passes)
$300 – Single Membership (one pass only)- Limit of 20 per year
$300 – Stock Purchase per share (this is a one-time fee)
$150 – Permanent Guest Pass
$  50 – Stock Transfer Fee

The annual membership dues cover all eligible family members.  A “family” is defined as those individuals related by blood, marriage, or through legal guardianship and living in the same house.  As in the past, a family membership will include a minimum of four passes. 

We are pleased to offer the option to make dues and stock payments on-line through PayPal (visit Pay Dues Page).

If you prefer to mail a check, please make your check payable to WARA and send to:
Keith Weisenstein, Membership Director
1119 Random Way
Forest, VA  24551

Q. How will the 2024 waiting list work?
A.  Returning 2023 stock members can join anytime before May 1, 2024.  After that date, families on the waiting list will be offered memberships until we reach capacity.  There are over 50 families on the waiting list and growing every day. Historically, 25 to 35 families leave each year for various reasons, so there is a chance that some people on the waiting list may not get in this year.

Q.  I own stock and haven’t been a member for a few years. I can join anytime right?
A.  Unfortunately, no. Your stock membership is considered inactive and you must request to be placed on the waiting list. Note that inactive stock members are given priority over prospective new members. According to the by-laws, priority among inactive stock members is based on the period of time for which the member has been waiting to become active, so the member with the most seniority on the waiting list has first preference.  After all of the inactive stock members have been offered a membership, we will welcome new members until capacity is reached.  At that time, membership will be closed to everyone, including stockholders.

Q.  How do I become a stock member?
A.  There are two ways: 1) you can purchase stock directly from WARA or 2) you can purchase stock from a WARA stockholder. If you buy stock from WARA, there is a one-time fee of $300, which can be split over two years.  If you purchase stock from a stockholder, it is considered a private transfer and WARA does not take part in the negotiations. Once the transfer is made, the old stock certificate should be sent to Keith Weisenstein and he will issue a new stock certificate in the buyer’s name(s). There is a $50 transfer fee for this service. Important note: The purchaser in a private transaction assumes the stockholder status of the seller, i.e. if the seller was active in 2023, then the purchaser steps into his shoes in 2024 and bypasses the waiting list.  Please note there is a $50 stock transfer fee.

Pay Dues
We do have an option for a single membership plan.  It is a full membership requiring the same stock ownership as a family membership.  (Only one membership can be tied to a single stock certificate). There is a limit of 20 available each year and that single person will only be issued one (1) pass and does not include permanent guest passes.  Daily or Permanent Guest passes may be purchased but are subject to the same usage requirements/benefits as those purchased with family memberships.

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